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Tony Harrison Guitar / Electric Bass

Austin was tapping his foot to a beat before he could walk and was singing before he could speak. Music is in his soul and it's so cool to watch a true passion ignited in your child so young. Tony Harrison thank you for recognizing this passion in him and sharing your talent and love of music with us all. Austin was barely 6 years old and walked into Cape Fear Music Center and said I want to play Johnny Cash and Buddy Holly. Tony told Austin that he would get there but he needed to be patient and learn first....something his artists' heart did not receive well and after a few weeks he stopped practicing and stopped trying. Most instructors would have been done at this point and probably would have told me to come back when he was a little older.....but not this man. Tony knew how to reach my little guy, he took him under his wing and taught a 6 year old boy how to play Johnny Cash and Buddy Holly and he has never looked back. What a gift he gave to Austin that day; Tony accepted a challenge and took a chance, he decided it was better to light that fire he saw within him instead of letting it burn out....
Such a remarkable man, mentor and musician!

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