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Guitar Services:

     Restring / Routine Maintenance

           Fresh strings help your guitar in many ways...Better tone, greater  tuning stability, ease of play... No guitar's sound and playability should  suffer due to old strings. New strings are inexpensive and vital to good  tone and your playing enjoyment


           A quality set up (proper adjustment) is something every guitar  needs a few times per year. In our environment we experience vast changes in temperature and humidity that cause the woods in all guitars  to do odd  things to an instrument's playability and tone. Come see what a little bit of TLC from our skilled guitar technicians can do to improve your instrument's ease of play. We will set up your guitar so that it feels perfect for you. 

     Personalized Modifications:

          Let us help you find the right sound with new pickups, nuts, saddles, electronic upgrades or hardware.  Or let us help you create just the right  look for your favorite axe with new pickguards or hardware. Never  underestimate the value of sounding (and looking) your best! Whatever you can dream up, we can help you realize. 

     Fret work:

          Whether you need a few frets dressed to even out the inevitable  wear that occurs with play, or if you need to re-fret your entire fingerboard we can bring your guitar back to life. Don't suffer from fret buzz another day! Often, as humidity changes with the seasons, woods shrink and fret  ends begin to protrude from the edge of the fingerboard. These sharp  edges can hurt your hands and greatly reduce the joy you should  experience when you play. This is easily fixed by dressing and rounding  the fret ends and something we can turn around in short order to get you back to practice quickly! 

     Damaged / Broken Necks and Bodies:

          At CFMC we are well prepared to fix broken headstocks, repair cracked bodies and reglue loose bridges on guitars, basses, ukuleles, mandolins---even your favorite Oud is safe in our hands! 

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